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About this program

Weltgestalter Engage supports teams in the challenge to lead substantial growth and/or transformation processes while dealing with their own development as a team and as individual leaders. 

Goals of the process: 

  • Develop and increase trust and openness needed to transform the team members' working relationships to make them exciting, nurturing, reliable, and mutually empowering
  • Create a compassionate and safe space for personal growth where all team members feel seen and supported in their individual transformation processes while developing a joint leadership style based on the wealth and value of their diverse approaches and contributions
  • Work on creating a united team identity, allowing the team to speak with one voice and having each others back while steering through stormy weathers and demanding challenges as individuals with different perspectives, personalities, and opinions
  • Jointly develop the confidence needed to be accepted, trusted leaders for the whole organization, including other experienced leaders, and finding ways to have the honest conversations needed in a productive, mutually supportive way
  • Harvest the full potential of the team’s diversity by learning to align and co-create productively while deeply respecting individual differences
  • Develop the story, the voice, and the credibility needed to jointly become a sustainably trusted authority that organization, customers, and wider company network follow in fulfilling the team's mission and actualizing it's vision

This online course is designed as supportive resource for a team coaching process. It is not designed as a stand-alone course.  

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Program structure

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2 Chapters

Forge the team development alliance

Find a clear set of agreements on how you want to partner in this development journey to develop your team intelligence.

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2 Chapters

Invite yourself to the party

Invite yourself with your passions, fears, strength and development areas into the process - and support each other in growth

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2 Chapters

Take action for the team

Create a concrete idea of where the team is, where it needs to be - and start to take responsible action to change

Deepen your insight how you can contribute to the team’s advancement and create accountability around that 4 Lessons

Preparation 1: Team development plan and responsibilities

Prepare your perspective on a development and growth plan for your team and reflect on your role in this plan - what is my responsibility, how can I help the team to develop?

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2 Chapters

Consciously impact the how

Consciously influence how you work. Learn to use positivity and to be critical without becoming toxic

Lead the team with positivity 4 Lessons

Preparation 1: Collecting positive feedback

Collect positive feedback points you have for your fellow team members, mostly in the light of what’s needed in the team development.

Have relevant and critical conversations while avoiding team toxines 6 Lessons

Preparation: Team toxins

Read “team toxines grid” and reflect on situations that you have experienced as a “victim” of that as well as situations where you might be the originator of team toxins. Why? How? plus collect critical/constructive feedback points

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2 Chapters

Navigate stormy weather

Learn to handle conflicts and disagreement in a productive way - and to lead each other to solution focus

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2 Chapters

Retell your stories

Deepen your new identity by retelling your story - individually and as a team