Mai 30, 2019


Better Leadership?

By Florian (Weltgestalter Coaching)

Mai 30, 2019

Impact, Leadership, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, Unternehmenskultur

So, when people call for more and better leadership, what are they actually asking for?

The courage to stand up for ones values? Or the dedication to actually listen to other people? Or the ability to believe in possibilities and potential? Or the willingness to be seen as vulnerable? Of having made mistakes?

Or simply saying: I’m sorry?

Or is better leadership more the convenience of having somebody else taking the burden of tough decisions, resolving conflict, and making you shine without to much effort and especially without the risk of failure?

Sometimes I’m not so sure if we’re all talking about the same when we say leadership.

I personally think we need more of the first type of leadership in our world. Not the type that makes our life easier, but the one that makes it more meaningful.

#randomthoughts on a #bankholiday

Good book on leadership? I recommend Co-Active Leadership.

Florian (Weltgestalter Coaching)

About the author

Florian ist Entwicklungspartner für Persönlichkeit, Führung und Kultur.

Er hilft Führungskräften und Unternehmer*innen, ihre persönlichen Werte zu leben, ihr Purpose-Thema zu finden und dieses souverän zum Erfolg zu führen.

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